To Be and to Do

Cheryll O'Callaghan March 6, 2018

Just by being (consciousness), we are doing (creating)

Because of our advanced consciousness (critical thought process) compared to the insects’ and animals’ consciousness (instinct), we are capable of creating our self. Since we have the power to create, we also have the power to destroy. Look at what we do to our own body. . . .


What Does Perfection Look Like?

Cheryll O'Callaghan February 27, 2018

Vibration of Heptad

Because of our constant state of giving and receiving, we are forever in motion toward perfection. I am curious if whether or not we recognize what we perceive as perfection. What really does perfection look like, feel like? One could say that there is really no such thing, yet many want a perfect life a . . .



Cheryll O'Callaghan February 20, 2018

Many of us desire change in our life, yet many of us do not believe it is possible. It is safer to resist than to face our discontentment. We convince our self, it isn't that bad, really. We convince our self we actually are ok, happy even. That is what we are taught to do in order to be successful in this lifetime, right, “Fake it until you make it”? Think positive and p . . .



Cheryll O'Callaghan February 13, 2018


Vulnerability is when we desire to be seen, but our true I does not correlate with the roles we perceive our self as being.

—Amy C. Baker

Vulnerability is not something we can avoid. Waking up each day makes us vulnerable to the elements and relationships that surround us.

But . . .
. . .


Authority Regenerated from Within

Cheryll O'Callaghan February 6, 2018

Vibration of the Pentad

Authority denotes a power or right to direct actions or thoughts. Through our free will, we are the only one who has the authority to direct our thoughts and reactions and actions. All other authorities outside of our self are a dilution we are taught by those who seek that authority . . .

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