The Tapestry of ME Through Sacred Geometry

Written by Cheryll Ann O’Callaghan

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The Tapestry of ME

Through Sacred Geometry

Cheryll Ann O’Callaghan has come to see humans as being born with “knowing”. When the body is prepared for instinctive experiences, they happen.

In this book she presents readers with a way to find “truth” that is held within our Self.

She provides the reader with an ancient discipline to experience the world in a holographic manner, by introducing design (body), thought (mind), and purpose (spirit) and how they are present as the harmony in the tapestry of creation.

She brings forth an awareness that the human vessel is the same energy which is found universally.

This journey allows us to recognize the patterns found throughout the world and experience the connections between those vibrations and Self.

Everything is connected, but this connection is intricately woven, through design and discipline, that allows individuals to still hold on to their own personal truths and be supported in doing so. With the guidance of sacred geometry, readers are encouraged to embark on a journey to explore infinite possibilities in acquiring a shift of perception with the world around and within them.

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Cheryll Ann O’Callaghan

Cheryll Ann O’Callaghan, saw her Self as an ordinary person who led an ordinary life. Until out of the routine of ordinary life, she began to ask the question, “What does it mean to me?” After years of truth seeking she began to explore ancient knowledge. Not only did the pieces to her question come together, but she came away with a renewed perception of her Self and the world around her.

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Who are Humans within the tapestry that is Creation? My opinion has come to be, that we were not dropped into what already existed (religion), or a chemical mishap of consequences, that randomly grew and died out of survival (science). I see us as an intricate part of the Universal design. We are a thread within a complicated weave that, with purpose, transforms and expands into infinite possibilities.

To understand this world we find our Self in, conscious of it or not, we cannot accept one perception or dimension for “The” Truth. Every question has multiple variations for an answer. All are correct and accurate yet all are different. What any of us will get is “A” truth. Depending on what dimensional aspect of Self, that is requiring the answer, will determine which truth resonates and satisfies the question.

What we see and feel about the vast Universe, we are seeing and feeling about our Self. It is our mirror (holographic). Sometimes it is easier to view the mirror than it is to deal with the inner Self. Sometimes it is more painful. Either will be from the choices we have made.

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